A Marketing Plan for your business will include:

  • Marketing Objectives - defining the overall marketing objectives in line with the businesses' agreed marketing strategy
  • SWOT Analysis - an assessment of the businesses' strengths and weaknesses as well as identifying possible opportunities and threats that may exist 
  • Target Customers & Markets - profiling the target markets and customers in detail - categories, audience insights, media consumption, socio-economic quintiles, further segmentation bases e.g. region, industry, job function, etc.
  • Marketing Mix
    • Product/Service - defining the product/service offering and any related structures
    • Price - the approach to pricing and any channel variations
    • Place - defining the appropriate distribution channels
    • Promotion - defining the objectives, audience, strategy, message, timing, tools/media for each form of promotion that is relevant for the business e.g. advertising, direct marketing, public relations, sales promotion, personal selling, digital, social, search, etc.
    • People - defining the role of people in service delivery (for services)
    • Processes - defining the processes involved in delivering a quality service (for services)
    • Physical Evidence - defining the physical cues that help customers evaluate prior to buying and while experiencing a service (for services)
    • Performance - defining how well a businesses' service competes in the marketplace - quality and productivity (for services)
  • Strategies & Tactics - defining the strategies for meeting each marketing objective and the tactics for meeting each strategy
  • Budgets & Timings - developing a calendar of initiatives and projects and their associated timings and costs

Suitable for:

  • Any business looking to define and differentiate their brand from their competitors
  • Any business of any size and at any stage of development e.g. start-up or established

From $7 500* +GST.

* Pricing is an indication only and will vary depending on the complexity of your business.