• 20 page website
  • Initial briefing
  • Website configuration
    • domain name transfer
    • social media account integration
    • newsletter subscription set-up
    • mailchimp integration
    • email integration for forms
    • site description
  • Squarespace template recommendation
  • Site Definition & Information Architecture
    • Business Review
  • Competitor Research & Benchmarking
  • Defining Site Requirements
  • User Analysis
  • Navigation & Hierarchy Creation
  • Defining Template Requirements
  • Labelling, Taxonomies & Metadata
  • Determining Content Requirements
  • Responsive design for desktop, tablet & mobile
  • Customised Home Page Design
  • Basic Page design & creation
    • Home page
    • About us
    • Services/Products
    • News/Blog
    • Contact us (form)
    • Plus 15 additional pages
    • Customised footer
  • 8 additional customised page templates
  • Customised Footer
  • Content upload - 10 pages
  • Site verification with search engines
  • Site map submission to search engines
  • Advanced Google AdWords Integration
  • Facebook Ads Integration
  • Email Template Design
    • Standard email template design
    • Set-up in MailChimp
  • Training Workshop: how to edit and update using remaining 10 pages 
  • No of pages that can be created is unlimited


  • site descriptions
  • content
  • imagery
  • brand assets
  • SEO: page titles and descriptions



Copy Writing

Survive offers a copy writing service and can write all the initial content and copy for your website

Search Engine Optimisation Set-Up (Web Professional)

Want to ensure that your website is set-up to optimise to rank well on search engines like Google and Bing. This Add-On includes:

  • Writing:
    • site description
    • page titles
    • page descriptions for 20 pages

Email Template Design

Have your customers subscribed to your news and latest offers? Need an email template designed and set-up so that you can email your customers directly? Our Email Template Design Add-On includes:

  • Standard email template design
  • Set-up in MailChimp

Social Media Set-Up

Like to get yourself set-up on the various social media channels so that you can talk directly to your clients whenever you like? Survive can set-up and brand all the right social media channels for your business. Our Social Media Set-Up Add-On includes:

  • Initial briefing
  • Facebook: Page creation, cover image and profile photo
  • Twitter: Account creation, cover image and profile photo
  • LinkedIn: Company page creation, cover image and profile photo
  • Instagram: Account creation and profile photo
  • Pinterest: Account creation and profile photo
  • YouTube: Account creation, cover image and profile photo
  • Training Workshop: 1 hour session
  • Content supplied by client

Brand Identity (New or Refresh)

Need a brand identity created or refreshed so that your website design looks A+? Survive's Brand Identity Add-On includes:

  • Identity design
  • Brand look and feel
  • Brand guidelines
  • Application of the brand

Brand Identity Development is undertaken on a project basis. Get more information here

Website Marketing Workshop

So you've now got your website up and running, but how are you going to get people there? What's your plan?  Survive offers a Website Marketing Workshop Add-on to help you work out how you can best utilise your new website. We look at:

  • your current sales and marketing activities and how we can integrate them
  • identifying potential and appropriate digital marketing opportunities given your business type and budget
  • identifying other ways your website that can assist your customers while creating efficiencies for your team. 

The workshop can be held at your chosen location.

  • 2 hours
  • $750 + GST

Marketing Department

Marketing is a critical piece of the jigsaw in every business. It represents the greatest opportunity to accelerate a business by driving awareness, consideration, visitation, enquiries, leads, acquisition, sales, engagement, loyalty, efficiencies, return of investment and more depending on your businesses' strategy and goals.

Your businesses' website/app is your customer's No 1 gateway to your brand, their one-stop-shop for the information they're looking for when researching your business and comparing it to others, and your single greatest asset and opportunity to market and sell to, and service and support your customers.

And with the average person each day exposed to between 4 000 - 10 000 marketing messages (direct and indirect), what are you doing to break through the clutter, have your message heard and get people to your website? What's your plan of attack?

At Survive, we're one big Marketing Department for a number of businesses from small to large! 

We provide you and your business with its very own experienced Marketing Manager who'll work on planning, managing and implementing your businesses' marketing efforts.

You can start out with as little as 1 day a week or choose 2 or 3 days a week depending on your marketing needs and how your marketing requirements evolve over time. 

Get more information on our Marketing Department packages here.

Brand Positioning

Need help defining your brand's position including exactly what you should be saying and how you should be communicating with your potential and current customers?  Survive's Brand Positioning Add-On includes:

  • Vision
  • Brand Proposition
  • Brand Messaging
  • Reasons To Believe
  • Tagline
  • Brand Personality
  • Brand Voice & Tone
  • Brand Values

Brand Positioning is undertaken on a project basis. Get more information here.